Limoncocha and a bit of Quito


Experience the real Ecuador; discover its people, history and the beauty of the country in this tour that will take you from the capital city of Quito to the northern parts of Ecuador, witnessing the artistry of the highland people, interacting with the indigenous Cofan tribe, caiman hunting, and exploring the hidden wonders of the rainforest. This will be a trip you won’t soon forget.


  • Otavalo Market

    – Shop the artisan market and experience the culture of the highland people.
  • Dureno

    – Experience the culture of the indigenous Cofan tribe.
  • Limoncocha

    – Explore this biological reserve teeming with indigenous plant and wildlife.
  • Papallacta

    – Relax in the naturally curative and comfortable volcanic hot springs high in the Andes mountains.
  • TeleferiQo

    – Take a Gondola ride high above the city of Quito.
  • Mitad del Mundo

    – Visit a small colonial village for shopping and a bit of cultural learning.



Situated in the far northeast corner of Ecuador, split by the winding Rio Aguarico River, lies the town of Dureno, home to the indigenous Cofan tribe.


Situated between the Coca and Aguarico Rivers on the northern shore of the Napo River lies the Limoncocha biological reserve, home to hundreds of species of indigenous plant and wildlife.



Arrive in Quito

Arrive in Quito and travel to your hotel.

Otavalo Market

Located within driving distance of Quito lies the Otavalo Artisan Market. Shop, dine and explore this extraordinary market full of the colorful textiles and handicrafts of the highland people.

Travel to Dureno

Situated in the far northeast corner of Ecuador, split by the winding Rio Aguarico River, is the village of Dureno, a local indigenous village of the Cofan. Travel here will take most of the day with some sightseeing along the way of places like the Rio Malo Waterfall, Coca Falls, and the swinging bridge.

Dureno & Limoncocha

Travel across the river by boat or canoe and experience the more traditional aspects of the Cofan village of Dureno. Afterwards  drive to Limoncocha. This biological reserve is home to some 450 species of birds as well as a number of rather unique trees. After dinner head back out into the night in a dugout canoe for a caiman hunt, getting up close and personal to the teeming night life on the lake.


Spend the day on the lake birdwatching and seeing indigenous trees and the monkeys that inhabit them. Later, take a small hike into the jungle for more birdwatching and to observe the natural fauna and flora before visiting the Pompeya market, the only regular bushmeat bazaar in Ecuador.

Papallacta Hot Springs

On the return drive to Quito, stop and experience the natural hot springs of Papallacta. The thermal waters are rich in minerals and sulfates that originate from enclosing natural resources, which not only appease your body with warm temperatures, but also contain a range of curative properties.

TeleferiQo & Mitad del Mundo

Begin the day by taking a ride on Quito’s TeleferiQo (gondola) which takes you up the side of Pichincha volcano to an overlook of the city. After lunch, visit the ‘Middle of the World’ monument and see exhibitions of Ecuadorian culture. Shop local artisans and take home a souvenir.  


Transportation will be provided to take you to the airport. For those with an evening flight, additional sightseeing of Quito can be arranged upon request.

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