City, Jungle, and sightseeing all in a week!


Enjoy some of the main highlights of Quito and the Jungles. Tour the city and spend time shopping the artisan market of Otavalo. Experience the many attractions the jungle has to offer from waterfalls and hot springs to white water rafting, zip-lining, and birdwatching.


  • TeleferiQo

    – Take a Gondola ride high above the city of Quito.
  • Basilica

    – Opened in 1924, this church boasts 370ft spires with incredible views of the city.


Baños and Puyo

Baños is a jungle town offering hot springs, zip-lines, bird-watching and more. Nearby Puyo offers canoe trips and views of the rain forest.


Oatavalo is an indigenous marketplace with plenty of colorful shopping.



Arrival in Quito

We will take you to dinner and your hotel.

Gondola and Quito tour

La Basilica Del Voto Nacional

Begin the day by taking a ride on Quito’s gondola ride up to an overlook of the city then hike thirty minutes to see llamas and some different views of Quito. Add the additional option of horseback riding during your trip. In the afternoon, take a drive into the city to visit the Basilica and tour the downtown area of Quito. Here you can take a walking tour of Quito’s oldest churches and historic streets. There will be opportunities for shopping as well.



Travel to the small town of Baños along the ‘Avenida de los Volcanes.’ On a clear day experience the magnificent mountain views. Baños offers a variety of activities. Spend the afternoon as you please exploring the town with its small shops, Basilica, hiking trails, horseback riding and hot springs. If you are looking for a more adventurous option, enjoy white water rafting on the river with trained guides on class III and IV rapids.


Continue to the town of Puyo and experience a kilometer long zipline as well as the breathtaking ‘Pilón del Diablo’ waterfall. Puyo also offers opportunites for hiking, bird watching and canoeing as well as a jungle overlook.


Visit Cotopaxi park

Quito mountain On the drive back to Quito take a detour into Cotopaxi park to see the mountain from its base or alternately, you can spend the morning in Puyo or Baños.


Spend the day shopping the artisan market of the highland people in Otavalo. There is also the additional option to travel on to Cotocachi, a small town specializing in leather products. For the biggest market days, plan for this day to fall on the weekend.



Transportation will be provided to take you to the airport. For those with an evening flight, additional sightseeing of Quito can be arranged upon request.