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Forgotten Trails ~ An Inside View

We started with the desire to provide a unique ‘inside view’ of Ecuador, to see what the locals might see off the beaten path.  We truly value the communities we venture into and work hard to ensure that our tourism trips are socially responsible and ecologically sustainable. Your trips into the local communities support both the Ecuadorian culture and their livelihood. Our goal is that you will have the experience of a lifetime, while relaxing or adventuring in Ecuador.


Owner and founder of Forgotten Trails Tours, Greg Borman is both a U.S. and Ecuadorian citizen who grew up in Ecuador. He spent his weekends and summers exploring the Andes mountains and Amazon jungles in the northern part of Ecuador. Over the years, his love for the adventure and beauty of this country grew and he now hopes to share this love with those who adventure to Ecuador.


We are an Ecuadorian based tourism company that provides our travelers with relaxation, cultural & adventure tours while promoting economic development of the local communities through work with local guides, drivers and accommodations. With so much to experience and so many ways to see the country, we hope to provide our guests with a unique and memorable trip unlike anything they have experienced.

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