Discover the Hidden Treasures of Baños

Discover the Hidden Treasures of Baños

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Explore Baños

Explore the Andean hills of Baños Ecuador, the “Gateway to the Amazon.” Baños is an ideal location for those wishing to relax in the many thermal pools, taste the famous melcocha taffy, or explore the surrounding national parks and wildlife.

The Swing at the Edge of the World

Built on the edge of a mountain high above Baños is the Casa del Arbol. Attached to the tree house structure is a simple wooden swing that swings out over the edge of the mountainside. The tree house offers spectacular views of the Tungurahua volcano, meaning “throat of fire.” Tungurahua volcano has been active since 1999. You can travel to the Casa del Arbol by car, bus, or for the more adventurous, by bike. The Casa del Arbol is a beautiful place to relax and picnic. If you’re not afraid of heights, take a ride on “the swing at the edge of the world.”

Hydrothermal Hot Springs of Baños

At the foot of a waterfall flowing down the side of the Tungurahua volcano lies one of the town’s most popular thermal pools, Termas de la Virgen. Baños is well recognized for its hot springs heated by the molten lava deep within the active volcano. The hot springs range in temperature from 64 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Many stake claim to the curative and restorative properties of these naturally occurring hot springs. Termas de la Virgen is an excellent place to unwind and mingle with the Ecuadorian locals who frequent these springs.

Taste the Melcocha

Watch how Melcocha, a sweet taffy, is made from sugar cane. Artisans in little hole-in-the-wall shops wrap the taffy around a wooden peg on the inside of a door frame, and repeatedly stretch and twist the taffy into perfection. Don’t forget to try a bite of this tasty treat!


Discover Baños, Ecuador

Let us help get you here. Discover the hidden treasures of Baños Ecuador and experience an “inside view” of all the country has to offer with Forgotten Trails Tours.

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